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What is the age and value of a 22 caliber Ithaca X Lightning rifle serial B? I have shot thousands and thousands of rounds through it and it has performed flawlesley. Ithaca X ‘s were mfg from They were the predcessor of the X-5 mfg from Unfortunately the …ATF has all the records i. It will have “Ithaca” stamped on the bottom. It is a factory re-print and taught me everything I needed to know. They were very good to deal with.

Perazzi Tm1 Ithaca Import Trap Gun

Two top-shelf Ohio-based firearms manufacturers have partnered to bring collectors and shooters a fine reissue — I hesitate to call it a replica — of the vintage U. Army Ithaca M37 Trench Gun. The American martial tradition is no stranger to shotguns. Militiamen employed fowling pieces in battle during the Revolutionary War, and the Confederate Cavalry wielded sawed-off shotguns in the Civil War.


Fixing extraction problems because of “sticky chambers” Posted: Mon Jun 11, 4: Sun Aug 21, 8: Missouri The Remington Express is infamous for this problem. I have two Express barrels, and one suffered from it until I gave it the “full cure”. I’ve had several other old shotguns with “sticky chambers” that will sometimes “stick” a shell in the chamber so that you might have to eject the shell with a range rod I refuse to slam a gun down on the ground holding the forend, but that’s another way to “unstick” them.

I take my long forcing cone reamer and give it a new long forcing cone, and make double sure to get the chamber cleaned out all the way to the back of the chamber. I want to see metal shavings clear back on the flute to know that I’ve got it all cleaned out. Then I follow up with two Brownell’s Flex Hone diamond ball chamber and forcing cone hones, the red first, followed by the blue.

Use plenty of Flex Hone oil. We aren’t quite done yet.

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The second half of this FAQ posting lists serial number cut-offs for the threshold for many gun makers. What constitutes “antique” under U. Although your State and local laws may vary, any firearm with a receiver actually made before Jan. For example, only low serial number Winchester Model lever actions are actually antique.

 · *Originally Compiled by The Ithaca Gun Co., October “a few variances in this data will be found” ** LeFever guns numbered under are

If you’re the High Bidder above, you’re the High Bidder in this auction. All Auctions are conducted in Pacific Standard Time. The bore is shiny and in very good condition. The barrel is blue steel with a gold colored trigger and the receiver is alloy with an etched game bird scene on each side of the receiver. The top and bottom of the receiver is gloss black with the sides having a sliver-grey color background with black engraving see photos.

There are some scratches in the gloss black on top of the receiver and a few scuff marks in the top left-side see photos. The gloss black is also scratched and starting to wear on the bottom corner of the receiver on the left-side. There are some light scratches in the sides of the receiver with one scratch that’s a bit heavier in the right-side at the rear, otherwise the etched game bird scenes are crisp and clear and overall the metal is in very good condition see photos.

The gun has a checkered Walnut forearm and stock both with their original finish. The forearm has a few dings, divots and some scratches, but still shows a nice gloss shine with good checkering and no cracks see photos. The stock has a few more handling marks with some small nicks and gouges in the sides and the grip cap and inlaid brass plate on the bottom of the stock are missing, but the stock has a nice woodgrain pattern and no cracks see photos.

Overall the gun is in very good condition mechanically and good in appearance.

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The Shotgun remains the world’s ultimate ‘lock-pick’ and defender – close-quarters resolution at its finest. Shotguns Military and Civilian The Shotgun remains the world’s ultimate ‘lock-pick’ and defender – close-quarters resolution at its finest. Generally speaking, there are three major categories concerning shotgun types – ‘pump-action’, ‘break-action’, and ‘autoloading’.

Break-actions ‘break’ open to expose the breech for reloading and are further divided into single-shot, dual-shot over-and-under and dual-shot side-by-side. Autoloaders, as their name implies, are designed around a self-loading action which handles loading the chamber as well as shell ejection automatically. These are sometimes mistakenly considered automatic weapons but are, by their very action, nothing more than semi-automatic firearms.

 · There are serial # lists of the old Ithaca Doubles (Baker, Crass, Flues, and New Ithaca Double), but I know of no list for the newer Ithaca shotguns. The only thing I can think of is to contact Ithaca directly, here:

Merrill III February 15, at 4: Ice formed in receiver. Problem was made worse by taking them in and out of warm buildings. I liked the 97 the best. Renegade There are still s in inventory, though they are few and far between. Some of the armory guys are pretty protective of them. We always got the same pistol. They we ordered to switch production to Norden bomb sights.

That messes up any gun. This is Arctic Stuff Cymond I had no idea they were out of production. They are an interesting shotgun. Those shotguns could bring tears to your eyes. I hated qualification days.

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Use[ edit ] Combination guns have a long history in Europe, Africa, and Asia, dating back to the early days of cartridge firearms. These guns are almost exclusively hunting arms. The advantage of having a single firearm that can fire both, cartridges designed for rifled and smoothbore barrels, is that a single gun can be used to hunt a very wide variety of game , from deer to game birds, and the shooter can choose the barrel appropriate for the target in seconds. As a result, they are popular with gamekeepers who often need the flexibility of the combination gun during their duties.

Firing mechanisms[ edit ] The earliest combination guns were called swivel guns not to be confused with the more widely known small cannon , which used a set of barrels designed to rotate to allow either the rifled or smoothbore barrel to line up with a flintlock mechanism.


The Ithaca Gun Company: The Best Gun Going: A Complete History of the Ithaca Model 37 and the Model 87 aims to provide the Ithaca collector and student sufficient information to identify any Model 37 that might be encountered, the various configurations it assumed, and the date of its manufacture. The story of their development begins during the late To hunt, to target shoot, and to defend themselves.

Of the three, the trickiest to sell is a self-defense customer. Hunters know when and where they want to hunt, plinkers and competitors know how much fun The company is managed today by Alan Mossberg. The first product of Mossberg Firearms was a.

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By bidding at an auction, whether in person or by agent, absentee bid, telephone or other means, the buyer or bidder agrees to be bound by these Conditions of Sale. All items are sold “AS IS, WHERE IS”, with all faults, and neither Lilly’s nor the consignor makes any warranties or representations of merchantability, of fitness, express or implied genuineness, attribution, provenance, authorship, completeness, nor of any other kind,.

All items are available for your examination prior to bidding. Written and oral descriptions are our opinions and should in no way be construed as a guarantee of any kind as to authenticity, age, condition, materials or any other feature of items being sold. Lilly’s attempts to catalog every lot correctly and will attempt to point out any defects but will not be responsible or liable for the correctness of the catalog or other descriptions of the lot.

 · The Ithaca Gun Company first produced a single-barrel trap gun in Their guns were based on the Emil Flues three piece lock design and known as the Flues Single-Barrel Trap up until when it was replaced with a New Improved Design (NID) created by Frank

Manual slide reciprocation Caliber: Underbred tube magazine, 5 or 8 rounds Sights: Bead front, Deerslayer Model: Elevation adjustable notch rear, blade front Length: By , the company had over fifty years of experience in manufacturing sporting shotguns. It was in that year that the company unveiled its newest offering, the Model 37 Repeater. The Model 37 was destined to be a huge success, assuring Ithaca Gun Company a place in firearms history.

However, the path that ultimately led to the Model 37 was not a little tortuous. This article deviates from the general technical bent of the Historic Firearm of the Month series in that it focuses chiefly on legal and intellectual property issues that impacted the design and eventual marketing of this historic gun. As early as , the Ithaca Gun Company’s management realized that public’s growing appetite for repeating and self-loading shotguns posed a threat to their traditional double gun business.

Consequently, Claude Smith, one of Ithaca’s owners, traveled to Toledo, Ohio to purchase the rights to patent number 1, , This was a patent for a “repeating firearm known as a pump gun,” and was to be purchased from the Union Arms Company, which was going out of business.

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Less than a quarter mile. From the parking area, follow the dirt path down to the small park near the creek. A path then runs through a small wooded area into the creek bed. You are free to explore the creek bed or continue along the right side of the gorge towards Ithaca Falls. This pathway may not be usable in times of high water flow or when conditions are icy.


Today, Ithaca has returned to its glory days with the current management team, based in Ohio, operating the factory at maximum capacity to satisfy demand for the various Model 37 adaptations that include the Deerslayer, Featherlight, Trap Model, Turkey Slayer, Model 37 Waterfowl and the sweet 28 Gauge. Throughout its 75 years the Model 37 remained steadfast to its initial design by John Browning and John Pedersen, who originally retailed their lean gauge pump as the Remington Model The Model 17 was manufactured from through — selling approximately 73, But it was after World War I that the Ithaca Gun Company picked up expired Model 17 patents in order to build a pump that would compete against the best-selling Winchester Model Enter the Ithaca Model 37 with its bottom ejector port, which remains a hallmark of the shotgun.

Operating out of their factory in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, the team at Ithaca burned the midnight oil to create a special Model 37 worthy of the 75th anniversary milestone. The decision was made to distinguish the gun with karat gold ornamentation on a blued, steel receiver along with other gold touches. Following the Ithaca credo, the shotgun is manufactured entirely on-site with percent American-made parts.

The 75th Anniversary Model 37 Limited Edition. The 75th Anniversary Model 37 is only available in 12 gauge and will be delivered with Triple A Grade wood and a inch barrel as standard. A customer can send their measurements for their special-order 75th Anniversary shotgun, but that will cost extra. For collectors, the guns are stamped with a unique serial-number such as M , where M37 refers to the model, 12 is the gauge, 75 is the anniversary designation and 1 is the number in the production sequence.

In conjunction with the 75th Anniversary Model 37, Ithaca will start shipping the beautiful Sousa Grade Larrabee trap gun that was previewed in January at the Shot Show.

Ithaca Flues No.4E 12 Gauge (S8505)

Verney-Carron SA, France oldest and largest hunting gun maker www. The Hastings Paradox is the premier off-the-shelf rifled shotgun replacement barrel available for many popular makes of shotguns. With six lands and grooves and a 1 in 34″ twist 12ga and 1 in 26″ twist 20ga , this unique rifled barrel produces increased slug stability and amazing accuracy. The Hastings Wadlock provides accuracy that’s unmatched by any traditional smooth bore barrel. Each Barrel is designed with six straight lands and.

This prevents wad and shot charge from spinning, which in turn greatly reduces the number of flyer shots and stray pellets.

 · I know that in the past I have seen a thread about dating Ithaca shotguns but I can’t seem to find it now. Where would be a good place to try to date ?threads/ithaca-model

Then what length of barrel and choke size, also what size shot, and what is the shot made of. Also is it slugs or buck shot and what kind of slug or size of buckshot. About 60 yards with buck shot IF one of them hits the target as the pattern even with a full choke will be so wide it may completely miss a deer. Most duck loads are good out to 45 yards some only 34 yards. There are some that can go a bit further but 60 yards would be reaching. Lead shot will travel further with more retained energy than the steel shot.

Buck shot is good up to 30 yards give or take Slugs are good for about 70 to yards. Understanding what you gun with shot does at different ranges can make the difference of a successful kill, a miss, a wounded animal or a bloody mess unfit to eat, if its small game. So if you shoot a rabbit at 20 feet with a improved cylinder with heavy field load 6 there wont be much left, shoot that same round at a bears face at 20 feet, it just may blow off some hide and royally tick him off!

Whereas a slug in the bears spine will drop him.

Ithaca Model 37 DS Police Special 12 gauge shotgun

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