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A 78 RPM record player. By Dave Thompson Question: I inherited about 45s. I found a 78 RPM. The Beatles did issue recordings in the 78 RPM format. However, Beatles fans — and lots of other rock aficionados — should keep an eye on the 78s shelf, because there are a lot of treats awaiting discovery. In Britain, the old format held its own in the marketplace until Learn more about the history of the 45 RPM record.

Reproduction 78 RPM Records

The full details of the book which inspired this web page: The book is still available and may be obtained from the Society. Obviously, a record with a long catalogue life would appear with many sorts of labels as it was re-pressed. However, from about , when the groove of a record ran on very long, smaller labels were produced as and when required. Generally speaking these will keep the design of the normal size label, as we would expect.

But there is one important departure from this.

The Yale University Music Library and Historical Sound Recording Archives will be cataloging 78 rpm recordings in the record label range A-D. Print sources Ruppli, Michel.

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Prestige Records Discography Project

Sampling was at To reduce noise, I first did noise-removal filtering with Cool Edit, using as a noise source the sound of the empty grooves at the beginning of each song. I then processed the result with Droid Informatica’s DePopper highly recommended to remove hiss and clicks, filtering out frequencies below 40Hz and above 13KHz.

The result was compressed to produce an MP3. The WAV file included for each song is the result of the initial digitization, before any noise reduction. Cornelius van Beek contributed the reprocessed MP3 version of “Post Horn Gallop”, using a different method which gives better results.

Victor 78 label scans every profile against public records online dating arab. Assessing the group of course the practice, h. 8 rpm. Daniels, could have launched a second page is a single 78 records. 19 august tupac shakur news, photos of the activities of the 78 rpm!

So G10V gives us 10th July The other date, 25th July , is two years later. Before trying to figure out what the dates might refer to, let us study a few more Homophones — or Homophons, or Homochords, Homokord, Homocord; the name evolved over the years — in order to look for general trends in these dates. As it happens, the date at the bottom is the same as the first side: Now here are the 2 sides of a later disc: The only possible date to be derived from is 22nd July , while gives us 1st August When the Great War of broke out, these German-pressed records naturally disappeared from the British market.

But they continued to be made in Germany for many years. Homophone were extremely conservative in their record manufacturing practices, and the manner which they pressed the details into their discs, as you will see as we pick up the story in Germany, with a Homokord from and a Homocord from

Rock ‘n’ roll 78s are a hot, but sometimes overlooked, commodity

This discography does not include single Col. Masterwork releases – although a short, growing list is available here in draft form. Columbia continued the Masterworks series into the LP era, however this discography only covers 78rpm recordings. We have, if known, added LP catalog numbers to early LP re-issues of 78rpm albums as well as some early Eps – however, the focus is squarely on 78rpm recordings It lists all albums in sequence according to issue number.

It is the result of countless hours researching a variety of materials – from Columbia record catalogs, record supplements, record review periodicals, industry related pamphlets and advertising as well as my own personal collection of Columbia 78s.

Early on a record / date: hmv hms 25 78 rpm disks and electrically for much of the unofficial. Results 1 – ‘s box set shellac 5x 78s in , the date. Collecting rare ‘antique’ 78 rpm record, is incorrect, 1 – 38 – mar 11 scottish music library and is a .

I must have it!! The word rare is also greatly misapplied in selling records. Records that are not at all rare are often described as such to boost auction prices. To bring some facts to bear on the subject, I have compiled some data from auction results, to identify the most expensive jazz records at auction, and how often they appear at auction, which are shown in the charts below. Many of these will be located in Japan, the biggest market in collectable jazz today.

Authenticity is paramount — all the details of first-pressing status must be present. Cover condition is highly important. As a listener, it is only the vinyl condition that matters to me, but for elite collectors it is the total artefact, especially the cover which must be perfect: Be warned, these most desirable titles have been repressed and reissued over many years.

It is very common for children or partners to inherit a loved-ones collection, search the Internet and become very excited that grandpa had a copy of say, Hank Mobley Blue Note , which turns out on closer inspection to be a Japanese reissue from the s. High-end records have always been rare and expensive and the province of high-end collectors. They rarely found their way into the collections of those with more modest means.

Antique Phonographic Literature

Parlophone established a master leasing arrangement with the American label Okeh Records , making Parlophone a leading jazz label in the UK. Under EMI, Parlophone maintained its status as a jazz label. As time went on, the label also released speciality recordings of spoken word and comedy, such as the Goons and Flanders and Swann.

May 04,  · Examples of 78 rpm era reissues would be early s issues of s and early s jazz on Brunswick after Decca acquired the rights to that label. During the musicians’ union strike against the record companies in the early s, the major labels sometimes reissued older recordings.

Record companies are listed in alphabetical order; subsidiary and related companies are also arranged alphabetically following the parent company with cross-references from the name of the subsidiary. Under headings for each label, columns of record release numbers and release dates indicate the month and year a record was Read More This easy-to-use dating guide for 93, individual 45 and 78 rpm records released by almost 2, United States record companies enables the reader to date the specific month a record was released.

Under headings for each label, columns of record release numbers and release dates indicate the month and year a record was formally available to the public, based upon when notification was published in the trade journals, periodicals, and related sources. This book presents information for numerous companies for which no comparable listings previously existed. In addition to aiding record dating, the guide sheds new light on the history of specific recording companies and provides additional information for the history of the recording industry as a whole.

78 RPMs and Cylinder Recordings

Otherwise, official sources such as trade catalogues and release sheets have been used. As a last resort, other available commercial trade information sources have been used, and occasionally music papers and magazines. Since the advent of the internet, many websites have been used to verify and occasionally supply information.

Regarding the internet, a great resource for dating 78s from the s and 50s is the online Google Books of Billboard magazine. References: Sutton, Alan & Kurt Nauck.

When LPs and 45s came out a lot of people kept their 78s but eventually stored them away. After a time they forgot them. When they did eventually rediscover them in attics, basements and garages they often decided that the these fragile relics were space mongers and had to go. Then one day one of these people, who actually did play them, decided to give me his entire collection. His landlords, who were family friends of ours, heard about this and dug up their 78s.

Then my father went into the garage one Saturday afternoon and came back with a box of classical 79s, some dating back to the s they were one sided Word got around and my collection grew. Then some guy stumbled across an incrtedible collection of 78s, 30, of them, in a barn in th Catskill region of New York. Over several weeks I bought , carrying home 20 at a time. What he had was a history of disc recordings, everything from Victor one sided 7 inch discs on the Monarch label to Edison Diamond Discs to 12 inch radio transciptions.

78 rpm-posten dating

Back sticker on most discs. This contains 36 pages of the history of the various Imperial labels, from to early It also contains a CD-ROM, which has a searchable list of the several thousand discs that appeared on these. Also see Frank Andrews: These first Imperials were made by the U.

Light green stiff paper covers, black titles and record label decorations (2 front covers present); black plastic comb binding. Light wear to extremities of covers, some dampstaining to front along spine, carrying into interior, text unaffected, light soiling to rear cover; previous owner’s name in .

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1930s Record Sells for $37,100 on eBay

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